The Mayor of Pembroke, Councillor Linda Asman, has spoken of her hopes for 2022 in her Christmas message to residents:

“Christmas is traditionally a time of joy and festivity but, again this year, we find ourselves in the continuing grip of the pandemic. When I became Mayor of Pembroke in May, we had all believed that the worst was behind us and that 2021 would see life return to normality after the lockdowns and challenges of 2020. But, unfortunately, this has not happened and Covid is still very much with us.

This Christmas time of 2021, therefore, we should think particularly of those who are continuing to battle illness and those who may be lonely, isolated or vulnerable as a result of this devastating infection.

“We can now have hope, however, and give thanks to the scientists who have developed the vaccines and the NHS which has rolled out the vaccinations in record time as this will ultimately signal an end to Covid-19

“The Christmas message is one of peace and goodwill. It is a time to help those less fortunate than ourselves and consider what we can do to support our neighbours and wider community. Despite the difficulties we’ve all faced, there are so many reasons to find hope and inspiration. We have been brought closer to our communities and we share a renewed appreciation for the fantastic work of our NHS, emergency services, care providers, public services, HM Forces and all who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide for our needs. Gratitude too to the many people in the voluntary sector, who work selflessly for the good of our town of Pembroke and the wider community.

“During this festive season it is important that we continue to look out for each other and stay safe, protecting ourselves and others by continuing to follow the current restrictions. And as we approach 2022, we must do so in the spirit of hope and optimism that we can move forward with our lives, confident that we can be free at last from the threat of this pandemic.

“On behalf of all the Councillors and staff at Pembroke Town Council, I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe Christmas with a brighter New Year to come.“