All children love Christmas, and dinosaur presents are found in many youngsters Christmas stockings every year; but just imagine having a life size dinosaur for Christmas!

Dan Yr Ogof, The National Showcaves Centre for Wales, is making dreams come true by offering one of its colossal dinosaur models as a special gift for a family this festive season. In the true spirit of giving, the proceeds from this unique auction will be directly contributed to Wales Air Ambulance, ensuring their helicopters remain in the skies and rapid response vehicles stay on the roads.

To participate, parents can submit an ‘email offer’ for the Apatosaurus (formerly known as Brontosaurus). This remarkable replica dinosaur stretches nearly 37 feet in length (11.3 meters) and stands at an impressive 11 feet 4 inches in height (3.4 meters).

While the original value of this awe-inspiring dinosaur is £30,000, the bidding process promises an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts, with the dinosaur going to the highest bidder.

Every penny generated from the sale of this dinosaur will be generously donated to 'Wales Air Ambulance,' an organisation that consistently demonstrates exceptional dedication to saving lives throughout Wales each year.

Ashford Price, Chairman of the Showcaves, expressed his optimism, stating,

“We aspire to raise funds for Wales Air Ambulance through the sale of this dinosaur, while simultaneously creating unforgettable Christmas memories for a lucky family.”

Siany Martin, Wales Air Ambulance’s Corporate Fundraiser, said:

“The auction is another excellent idea to help raise vital funds for our Charity, and a rare and exciting opportunity for someone to win their own life size dinosaur in time for Christmas.”

“We are extremely grateful to Dan-yr-Ogof Caves for their continued support and donations, which will help the Wales Air Ambulance carry out its lifesaving missions across Wales.”

Note that the responsibility of transporting, disassembly, and reassembly of the dinosaur to its new home lies with the eventual buyer. Crafted from reinforced fibreglass, the dinosaur can be easily disassembled and reassembled in the buyer's backyard. Basic knowledge of working with fibreglass and assembly is recommended for a seamless experience.

Potential buyers are urged to submit their 'email offers' promptly to: [email protected]. (Closing date, November 20.)