Food Hub: This is your last chance to put an order in a selection of either fruit, vegetables, or salad for this year. If you take your £5 to the Old Chapel in Tenby, you can put your order in the box at the back – forms and envelopes are provided.

Get your order in by tomorrow, Saturday, and it will be delivered by Fresh and Fruity of Milford to the Old Chapel on Thursday, December 22, ready for you to pick up from 1pm. You get a lovely selection, different each week depending on what they have grown and what good deals they can get for you.

Christmas coffee and mince pies

At Tenby Scout and Guide Hall from 10.30 to 12 on Saturday, December 17, everyone is invited to join them for Christmas coffee and mince pies in Tenby Scout and Guide Hall on Warren Street. A small charge will help with Guide funds.

Christmas craft workshop

This Saturday,December 17, from 2pm to 4pm, there will be a Christmas craft workshop in Augustus Place Community Hall, Tenby. Everyone is welcome to come along, and if you have a craft you could share, that would be great. Donations will be taken to cover the cost of the hall and materials, although the intention is mainly to make things from recycled materials.

Poetry in the park

On Sunday, December 18 at 3pm, another gathering will take place in the Old Chapel in Tenby’s Lower Frog Street to share poetry. People bring poetry they have written themselves, poetry by other people that they like, or just come along to listen to the poems other people bring. Everyone is welcome.


This Sunday, December 18 is also Hanukkah. This is the Jewish Festival of Lights. As it also commemorates God giving oil for the lamp for the temple, it is traditional to eat fried food such as doughnuts or latkes (potato pancakes). Children are often given money wrapped in gold paper or even chocolate money. Hanukkah lasts eight nights, and a candle is lit each night. Often people have a special candelabra with spaces for eight candles. Sometimes people give each other eight little gifts, one on each day of Hanukkah.

A Tudor Christmas

This is the last weekend that you can go to the Tudor Merchant’s House, Tenby to find out about Tudor Christmas, write a letter with your wishes, and meet Santa. You can go on Saturday or Sunday from 11 to 4, there is a charge for children which includes a present, but adults are free.

Soup and a sandwich

On Mondays, Deer Park Baptist Church, Tenby is going to start opening from 1 to 3.30pm for soup, a sandwich and a chat. All are welcome to come along and support them.

Films4Tenby presents ‘Last Christmas’

The final film this year is ‘Last Christmas’ on Tuesday, December 20 at 7pm in the De Valence on Upper Frog Street. The story stars Emilia Clarke (still most famous as Danerys in Game of Thrones) as Kate, an aspiring singer whose life is a bit messy and is stuck in a dead-end job in a Christmas shop.

Could Tom, the tall dark stranger she meets (Henry Golding), help to turn her life around? Emma Thompson co-stars as Kate’s mum (she also wrote the screenplay) with Michelle Yeoh as Santa, Kate’s boss at the shop. The film features the music of George Michael and Wham!, including the title track. Don’t forget you can book a pre-screening meal at the Fuschia too!

It’s good to talk…

On Wednesday mornings, there is a coffee morning on in the Augustus Place Community Hall from 10 to 12. This is a safe accepting place for a coffee and a chat, which offers listening, help with paperwork and signposting. You can also get some handmade crafts and cards, raising funds for the TRI.

Warm Spaces

There is also a warm welcome at Deer Park Baptist Church on a Tuesday from 10.30 to 1 for their Senior Moments get together, where you can also get help with your digital problems. Also on Tuesdays, the Salvation Army is open from 11 to 1pm for soup and a roll, as well as tea/coffee and friendly chat. St Johns Church Hall is open on Wednesdays from 9 am to 1pm. Augustus Place Community Hall is open on Fridays from 10.30 to 3.30pm. The Old Chapel is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11 to 4pm with soup, sandwiches, tea, coffee etc – but note it will be closing from December 24 for about three weeks while they re-seal their floor.

The Winter Solstice

This Wednesday, December 21, is the shortest day of the year. This is the day the earth is tilting away from the sun as much as possible, making the sun as low in the sky as it gets. From today onwards, the days will get slowly but surely longer and longer, as we move towards summer again. Make the most of the cold winter days to wear your favourite warm clothes – if you don’t watch out, it will start to warm up again!

Santa and the Mayor

This Thursday December 22, Santa will be joined by Sam Skyrme-Blackhall, Mayor of Tenby, on a journey around all the estates of Tenby in the early evening. Make sure you keep a look out for him!