Last weekend, young people from 4th Pembroke (Lamphey) Cubs, Beavers and Scouts brought their parents and group leaders to join Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company staff in pulling Himalayan Balsam. The young people were helping to control this invasive species as part of Scout Community Week 2014. The event took place on the National Trust's Stackpole Estate at King's Mill Wood, an area which is being managed by Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company as part of their woodland and willow project. This project is supported by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park's Sustainable Development Fund. "Himalayan Balsam is a problem invasive species and a fairly high threat to biodiversity, especially that of native plants. It spreads easily, luring pollinators away from native species and casts dense shade, preventing growth of other plants. It then dies back in winter, leaving bare soil exposed to erosion. It was wonderful to see so many young people helping control this invasive species and protect our local native plant biodiversity with so much enthusiasm." said Jennifer Care, Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company project manager. Alison Jones, 4th Pembroke (Lamphey) Scout leader, added: "This was a great opportunity for our young people to help improve their community. We all worked hard to make a real impact on the levels of Himalayan Balsam and still had a wonderful day out in beautiful woods." If you or your group are interested in getting involved with the woodland and willow project or would like to find out more, please contact the project manager on [email protected]">[email protected], pop into Foundry House Community Centre, Pembroke, or call 01646 680090.