NANT-Y-FFÎN is situated in one of the oldest villages in the beautiful, peaceful countryside of Pembrokeshire. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you. 

The Banqueting Suite is large and spacious, with modern décor, providing the ideal venue for the ‘Big Occasion’. It has a separate entrance and a bar lounge.

The Banqueting Suite offers excellent facilities for civil weddings and receptions, and can accommodate up to 300 guests for a seated banquet and up to 400 guests for buffets.

Choose from the suggested set menus or, alternatively, it is possible for you to create your own unique menu. Vegetarian dishes are available and special dietary requirements catered for.

Decide on Nant-y-Ffîn Motel for your wedding and you are on the way to a successful function, large or small.

The following (approximate) timings may be helpful when planning your day, especially if you are planning an evening party following your wedding breakfast:

  • Church ceremony - 45 minutes;

  • Civil ceremony 30 minutes;

  • Photographs at church 30 minutes;

  • Journey to hotel 15 minutes minimum;

  • Reception drinks and photographs at hotel 90 minutes;

  • Wedding breakfast 90 minutes; speeches 30 minutes;

  • Preparing the room for evening party 30 minutes.

Toasts and Speeches

Kicking off the wedding speech order is the father of the bride speech. If the father of the bride isn’t present, this can be done by a close family friend.

The father of the bride should:

  • Welcome the guests he is hosting and thank them for coming

  • Welcome the bride’s partner into the family and lead the toasts to absent friends and family

  • Compliment the bride, tell some heartfelt stories about her and say how proud you are

  • Praise the bride’s partner and explain why you think they’re such a great couple

  • Toast the newlyweds

The father of the bride’s speech traditionally leads into the groom’s speech.

The groom should:

  • Respond to the toast to the newly-weds by the father of the bride

  • Thank the guests for attending and their gifts

  • Thank both sets of parents

  • Give out thank you gifts and say a few words about key members of the wedding party.

  • Toast and compliment the bridesmaids

  • Toast their partner’s parents if they are hosting

The best man’s speech finishes off the wedding speeches – no pressure! The best man’s speech is traditionally expected to deliver the laughs so be sure to add in a few classic best man jokes.

The best man should:

  • Echo the groom’s toast in thanking the bridesmaids

  • Compliment the couple, particularly the groom’s partner

  • Tell anecdotes about the groom 

  • Read out messages from absent friends and family

  • Lead a final toast to the happy couple

Toasts are usually proposed in the following order:

1.“To The Bride and Groom.” This is normally proposed by the Father of the Bride, or a close friend of the family, and a reply is made by the Bridegroom.

2.“To The Bridesmaids.” This is proposed by the Bridegroom following his reply to the first toast. The response to this is then made by the Best Man.

How to propose a wedding toast

There’s some simple things to remember when making a wedding toast.

First, ensure everyone has their glass full so they can take a drink at the end, then get everyone’s attention.

If you’re giving a speech that’s pretty easy to do. If not, the best way to do this isn’t clink- ing your Champagne glass, but instead go to the master of ceremonies and ask for the microphone.

Introduce yourself to the room and ask for their attention, for example, “Hello, I’m Dave, the bride’s brother. May I have your attention while I raise a brief toast to my lovely sister and her new wife?”