It’s that time of year… Autumn is on its way…

We start to reflect on our summer choices and decide to focus on what we might want to achieve over the next few months as far as weight loss and getting healthier goes.

And if we are planning a wedding and are a keen to drop a dress size for the big day, it’s always a good time to start.

And so around about now we’ll start to read more about weight loss pills, potions and patches that cost an absolute fortune.

So, let’s look at it logically; all diets work, of course they do, if you’re consuming fewer calories than you were, you’re going to see a weight loss. But not all diets are healthy.

And what happened when you stop that diet, stop taking the pills and the potions? What then? It’s not rocket science, is it? Go back to your old eating habits and the weight will go back on. Simple.

Because firstly, some of those diets are just not sustainable long term.

And secondly if you haven’t learned anything about the psychology of yourself as a Slimmer, if you haven’t learned about food and how its possible to eat normal, everyday food and still lose weight just by getting the balance right, if you haven’t learned about the part activity plays in a healthy lifestyle and if you haven’t learned how much fun you can have and how much support you can get while doing all those things nothing will ever change.

So unless you’re really happy to keep dieting forever or taking the pills forever or you seriously just want a quick fix that won’t last, then we need to find a different way.

A realistic way. Not a diet but a healthy way of eating that we CAN keep doing forever. We need to change our eating habits so that we can still enjoy our food (because food isn’t a bad thing!), and so that we can keep that weight off when we reach our target.

And that’s what Slimming World’s food optimising plan does. It’s a healthy way of eating that we can enjoy and one that, when combined with our individual activity programme, can help you have that fantabulous healthy lifestyle. Their unique Image Therapy sessions provide the inspiration, motivation, help, support and fun that is so important to help you do that too.

You really won’t find all that in a pill bottle!