A leading Pembrokeshire tourism resort is highlighting the wide and varied careers on offer within the sector set against a myth that most jobs are seasonally based.

With a rising trend for UK staycations, Bluestone National Park Resort, near Narberth, said many jobs available in tourism offered careers and qualifications in roles ranging from accounts and HR to marketing, event management and hospitality.

“There’s a misconception that many jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector are about short-term roles within key seasons.

“In fact, the sector, which is one of the major employers in Pembrokeshire and throughout West Wales, offers a wide range of professions and careers across a range of disciplines,” said Stuart Jaynes, Director of People Services at Bluestone.

“Currently, many businesses in the industry, including Bluestone, are seeking people for a broad range of roles that will lead to exciting career opportunities.

“We’ve had many people begin working for us part-time on weekends who have soon realised the opportunities for full or part time careers.

“More importantly, they see the training and the potential that brings for new skills, qualifications and even changing roles when they see where their strengths lie.”

Carys Ratcliffe began working at a coffee shop at Bluestone in 2016 and is now a full-time People’s Services Assistant. She is also working towards completing her CIPD in Applied Human Resources.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career. I was working part time in the coffee shop at Bluestone when I was doing my A-Levels, helping out as and when,” said Carys.

She had considered working in teaching, but when an opportunity to join the People’s Services team cropped up she applied.

“It’s a great role as you deal with people across a range of departments and there is always something different to deal with which makes it interesting. I’m not sure what I’d be doing as a career otherwise.”

Carys has helped work on the launch of the new Employee App launched by Bluestone. The app allows staff to know what is happening on resort or within their departments or to access holiday, HR and other information.

Mel Goldsworthy joined Bluestone in 2008 as one of the first lifeguards at the Blue Lagoon water park.

She is now Senior People’s Services Officer.

“I started working part-time as a lifeguard and then became full-time, eventually making it to Senior Lifeguard and Duty Manager at the Blue Lagoon. I really enjoyed it, but I wanted to move into a different role and HR was one that I liked,” said Mel.

Mel has undertaken a range of training and qualifications, including management courses in recent years before she became a Senior Officer.

She was named Trainee of the Year at the company’s ACE Awards in 2018 where recognition of employees work over the past year is awarded.

“I work with a range of managers across the company which makes it interesting as you’re always working with people undertaking different roles and activities. You’re always learning something,” added Mel.

“It’s good to know that you can join Bluestone in any department, and you might find a career you want in another, with the chance to develop that opportunity through training and qualifications.”