Minutes of the July General Meeting of St Mary Out Liberty Community Council held at The Regency Hall, Saundersfoot. Councillors met face to face in the hall with a live link to any members of the public (or councillors) that wished to join the meeting remotely:

To Consider the Co-option process – Clr. Emily Nash made her Declaration of Office as councillor to St Mary Out Liberty Community Council. Clr Brace welcomed her.


Clr. Brace reported that:

• The public footpath between Knightson Farm and Folly Bridge required clearing. Clr. Bolton advised that she regularly walks this area and, at this point in time, considers such adequate. It was agreed that this area would be monitored and if attention required Clr. Bolton will report back to the Council.

• The bins within the Village Hall are being ripped open by seagulls and other wildlife. Clr. Rawson-Humphries advised the Council that the Village Hall Committee were are of the problems and were taking appropriate actions to remedy such.


• Email received from One Voice Wales advising of trainings available for Councillors to attend - The Clerk has arranged to have a coffee and chat with Cllrs Bolton and E Nash to discuss the role of a councillor and answer any questions they may have

• On behalf of the New Hedges Village Hall, Clr. Rawson Humphries advised the Council that the Village Hall Committee had received the Council’s correspondence regarding the refuse area and are taking the appropriate action to remedy such.


• Consideration how to resolve the requirements of a Grass Cutting Contract - The Clerk opened the tender for the grass cutting contract, which had been given to her prior to the meeting, and advised the Council of its contents.

Following consideration of such it was agreed that there are three main areas of grass in the village which requiring cutting. Clr. Bolton’s husband will cut and the Clerk will arrange for the other two areas to be cut by volunteers, until a permanent contractor, at a reasonable price, can be found.

There will no August 2021 meeting of St Mary Out Liberty Community Council.