Six councillors were present at the April meeting of St. Florence Community Council, with apologies being received from the other two. Also present were four members of the public.

During public participation, Mr. C. Evans asked the council what was the outcome of the site meeting with Pembrokeshire County Council regarding the parking at Ridgeway View.

The chair explained to Mr. Evans that a member of the council attended the meeting where possible solutions to the parking issue were discussed, but as yet, the council had not received any correspondence with recommendation from the county council.

The clerk was asked to contact the county council for a response for the next meeting.

Mr. Evans thanked the council for their response and asked the clerk to ensure the decision of what to be done was taken by all members of the council.

Mr. Jonathan Edwards, chairman of the cricket club, introduced himself to the council and explained he was present at the meeting to discuss the maintenance of the playing fields for 2012.

The clerk had received a letter from the cricket club secretary regarding the matter. Mr. Edwards explained there would only be a slight increase in the price to reflect inflation. The councillors discussed this and felt it was wise to carry on with the same arrangement. All were in favour.

Matters discussed during the council meeting included the following: After receiving a number of letters from the public regarding a rumour the bridleway in the village was to be changed to footpath only, the clerk wrote to the council. A response had been received from The definitive map officer at Pembrokeshire County Council. He informed the clerk that any route shown on a definitive map was protected in law and could only be changed by legal order. He was responsible for such laws and had not been involved in any discussion regarding the bridleway. The clerk was asked to write to the members of the public concerned informing them of his response.

The clerk informed councillors that she had had no response from the public regarding the notices for objections to the bench painting. Bench painting would go ahead when possible.

The clerk told councillors that the advertisement to sell the boiler had been placed in Tenby Observer, but no response had followed. The advert would also be published in Western Telegraph.

Councillors expressed concern at a gate at the top of Fiddlers Lane and asked the clerk to write to Pembrokeshire County Council to see if permission had been given to erect the gate. The lane was a cart track and people had the right of way, permission would be needed for such a gate.

A response from Pembrokeshire County Council had been received regarding the over-hanging trees near the shop and ford. The street care team would inspect the area and take appropriate action.

The clerk told councillors she had found both mugs and key rings that could be used as gifts for local children to keep as mementos. Councillors discussed both options and thought that mugs would be more traditional.

Planning: The clerk informed councillors that she had contacted PCC regarding the re-assigning of the car park and the council informed her it was incorrectly assigned in the first place and it was just a correction.

Correspondence: A letter from Urdd Gobiath Cymru has been received containing an invitation to the proclamation ceremony and procession to celebrate the Urdd Eisteddfod coming to Pembrokeshire in 2013. The clerk and Clr. Evans would attend.

The next meeting will be held on May 1, at 7.30 pm, in the Village Hall.