Sam Rowlands MS, Shadow Minister for Local Government in the Senedd, has criticised Gwynedd Council for backing a campaign to abolish the Prince of Wales, and ban any future investiture from the country. 

This is despite recent polling that shows almost two thirds of Welsh people supporting Prince William taking on the role of the Prince of Wales, and around half supporting an investiture ceremony.

Gwynedd Council debated the campaign at a meeting on October 6, 2022, which was backed by the Council’s leadership. Commenting on the news, Sam said:

“It’s disappointing that Gwynedd Council are spending time backing ‘out of touch’ campaigns such as this, rather than focusing on tackling the real issues that face local Council taxpayers.  It was only six weeks ago that a Gwynedd Council meeting about education descended into chaos, with the police being asked to attend, so I would really think that Gwynedd Council have better things to be focusing on.”

One of the reasons cited by Gwynedd Council’s leadership for backing the campaign is that Prince William is English. Commenting further, Sam said:

“I was genuinely surprised to hear a senior Gwynedd councillor suggesting that Prince William isn’t suitable for the role because he was born in England.  I would have hoped that Gwynedd Council would have reached out to the new Prince of Wales and encouraged him to act as an ambassador for Welsh culture, rather than making childish comments that can only sow division in public life.”