It is with regret that the office of Pembroke Dock Town Council has been informed that the Mayor, Clr. Terry Judkins will be stepping down as Mayor with immediate effect, said an official statement issued by Pembroke Dock Town Council.

Clr. Judkins has thanked Councillors for support during his short term, but due to personal reasons and extra work commitments this has resulted in him being unable to attend events and give his full attention to the role.

He therefore felt it was best for him to step down and allow the Deputy Mayor Clr. Beynon to take over the role for the remainder of the term to allow for events to be represented in events throughout the County.

Clr. Joshua Beynon will undertake the role as interim Mayor until the next meeting of Full Council which will take place on Thursday, December 2, 2021 where the official voting will take place for Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who will remain in office until May 2022.

Clr. Beynon added:

“As the Mayor of Pembroke Dock has resigned from the office of Mayor of the town, as Deputy Mayor, I have administered the mayoral oath or office and I have been sworn in as the Interim Mayor of Pembroke Dock.”

“It’s an honour to be the youngest Mayor in both the town and Pembrokeshire’s history and I look forward to promoting the town and the values I hold dear of compassion, equality and kindness.”