As Love Lamb Week kicks off for another year, NFU Cymru is continuing to work with farmers across the country to showcase delicious, nutritious and climate-friendly PGI Welsh lamb.

NFU Cymru Livestock Board Chairman, Wyn Evans said: “Welsh sheep farmers produce the finest quality lamb in the world. Our landscapes and climate conditions make us extremely proud that our country is one of the world’s most sustainable places to produce red meat. We are able to turn inedible grass into a tasty, nutritious protein, on landscapes that are often unsuitable for other types of food production.

“There is a real pride in sheep farming in this country – a pride which stems from the sector’s prominence in Welsh history and culture, from how it has helped shape our iconic countryside through the ages to its incredibly high standards of animal health and welfare.

“We are at a crucial time for Welsh farming, as the UK government seeks to do free trade deals with countries around the world. Sheep farming in particular faces challenges from recent and impending deals with Australia and New Zealand which could see sizeable increases in lamb imports coming into the UK tariff-free. This would under-cut many sheep farmers who are working with ever-increasing costs of production and face changes to government support schemes.

“As we join in with Love Lamb Week, it is a good time to remind our governments in Cardiff and Westminster of the importance of the sector to Wales and the need for policy and trade agreements that will ensure a productive and profitable future for our sector.

“Most importantly we hope that this week will provide the opportunity for more people to have a go at trying out a delicious homecooked PGI Welsh Lamb dish. There are plenty of easy to make, nutritious and affordable recipes for all the family to try on the Eat Welsh Lamb and Beef website.”

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