This impressive beach art appeared on Pendine Community Council’s Facebook page on Tuesday morning. The previous night beach warden Alex Holland had met the artistic family who had created at least two of the sand sculptures on Pendine beach.

“They had spent two days on our amazing beach, building the crocodile on the first day and the dragon on the next. They were inspired by Worms Head, which looks like a crocodile from here.”

For the uninitiated, Worms Head is a tidal island off Rhossili Bay, part of the Gower and a distinctive part of the view from the South Pembrokeshire coast.

“I told them that the word ‘worm’ means ‘dragon’ in Norse, and was named by the Vikings, hence the dragon.”

Alex found a third sculpture in the sand - this time of a garden - at the time of writing it is not known whether the same family were responsible for its creation.