RWE is progressing proposals to develop a green hydrogen production facility on its land adjacent to Pembroke Power Station and is asking the community for their views on these plans.

Hydrogen can be used as a clean energy alternative for local industrial processes, displacing their current fossil fuel usage, and reducing their carbon emissions.

RWE is the largest power producer in the UK, and a leading renewable generator with a diverse operational generation portfolio of onshore wind, offshore wind, hydro, biomass and gas. They are asking the community for their views on these plans and have launched a consultation where local people can provide feedback on the planning application. The consultation launched on Monday, April 22 and will end on Monday 20 May 2024.

The plans include a circa 110Mwe electrolysis green hydrogen production facility and a 1.5km pipeline running west to connect to nearby industry. Once operational, the site will be capable of producing two metric tonnes of hydrogen every hour with oxygen as the only significant by-product from the plant.

By displacing fossil fuel consumption in local industrial activities, hydrogen generated at RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen will reduce local CO2 emissions by approximately 93,000 tonnes every year, the equivalent of removing 18,600 cars from the roads.

The technology is part of RWE’s vision for Pembroke Net Zero Centre – a new hub of low-carbon innovation and clean energy generation at their power station site.

RWE’s ambitions for Pembroke Net Zero Centre will build on Pembrokeshire’s local energy heritage, safeguarding existing jobs at the site, while delivering a significant local economic investment and creating new jobs throughout construction and operation.

Members of the community can contact the project team and leave feedback via the project website:, telephone 01646 370090, or via email at [email protected] or by writing to ’Freepost PNZC Consultation’, with no stamp needed.

Local residents also have the opportunity to schedule a private discussion with the project team to discuss the plans in more detail, and to ask any questions. Call or email to arrange this meeting.