In the run up to Windrush Day, Tenby Town Council will be holding an event to celebrate the wide variety of people who have come to live in Tenby from near and far. 

Some Tenby residents have connections through their families with a different part of the country or indeed the world. Some of them have moved here themselves.

The town council would like to celebrate these different places that people have connections with, and it seemed a good time to do it as the anniversary of Windrush is coming up in June. So, on Saturday, June 15, they are having a celebration not just of Windrush, but of all the journeys that people have made to come to the seaside town, and the amazing place that Tenby is to live in.

Celebrating Tenby’s connections with the wider world, the event will feature music from the One Voice Choir, some storytelling, and a chance to talk to a Windrush Elder who is coming to Tenby especially for this event.

We often have recipes that have been passed to us by members of our family or friends, that have become a way of remembering these different places. They might not be something we do all the time, but a memory from childhood.

The town council would appreciate it if people could bring a dish with them to the celebration to share: think of a recipe, however simple, that reminds you of a connection you have had at some point in your life with another place, whether that is not far up the road or the other side of the world.

It can be home made food or bought, whatever is appropriate and easier. But people are encouraged to come along anyway, as hopefully there will be plenty of food for everyone to try.

It will be from 3pm to 6pm at Augustus Place Community Hall on Saturday June 15.

Everyone is invited to come along and join in this celebration of this lovely town and all the great people in it.

Tenby celebrates… poster
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