Wish you were here? The Facebook-based Tenby Observer Photography Club has seen plenty of activity this past week or so, and most of the photographs go to show how much colour can be found in beautiful Tenby and Pembrokeshire, even in the winter.

The following photos were shared by Christine Poharyskyi. Keep scrolling for more delicious scenes from the coast of West Wales.

Beautiful Tenby photo
(Christine Poharyskyi)

At low tides, Castle Beach and Iron Bar Sands stretch out to join South Beach. The view across the mounded sand can have an otherworldly feel.

Castle Beach and Iron Bar Sands, Tenby
(Christine Poharyskyi)
Ribs of sand and golden light near St Catherine's Island, Tenby
(Christine Poharyskyi)
Pink sky over St Catherine's and Castle Sands
(Christine Poharyskyi)

Quentin Elston captured a seagull sunrise in Tenby - and something very different, too...

A seagull sunrise in Tenby
(Quentin Elston)

Yet more colour in an increasingly colourful and vibrant Sergeants Lane.

Yet more colour in an increasingly colourful and vibrant Sergeants Lane, Tenby.
Yet more colour in an increasingly colourful and vibrant Sergeants Lane. (Quentine Elston)

It’s not all about Tenby, either. The picture below was taken by Peter Thomas overlooking Precept Beach, Manorbier.

Precept Beach, Manorbier
(Peter Thomas)

On January 26, Ruth Ashworth was down at St Govans. “Such a beautiful day,” she said.

Down at St Govans this morning... such a beautiful day
(Ruth Ashworth)

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick found some spiral magic in the sand and rock pools at Freshwater East.

Freshwater East
(Elizabeth Fitzpatrick)

She also met Hugo the lion at Folly Farm, Begelly. Hugo has plenty of space to roam; he’s not confined to a cage.

Hugo the lion at Folly Farm
(Elizabeth Fitzpatrick)

Returning to Tenby, has anyone noticed these amazing metal signs? There is a selection for sale near the car park at the bottom of Lower Park Road.

Wales Drago metal sign in Tenby
(Elizabeth Fitzpatrick)

Lucy Crockford has captured a stunning scene of Tenby Harbour...

Tenby Harbour
(Lucy Crockford)

A more muted palette of colours greets the eye in Elizabeth Thomas’ view over North Beach, with patterned sand and boats resting under tarpaulins.

North Beach, Tenby
(Elizabeth Thomas)

This view over Harbour Beach towards North Beach is taken from Pier Hill and shows the difference made by a higher tide.

Pier Hill, Tenby
(Elizabeth Fitzpatrick)

Finally, here is a ‘window onto the beach at Tenby’, taken from above Brother Thomas’ Garden in Crackwell Street.

Window onto the beach at Tenby
(Ruth Ashworth)

Thank you to all photographers who contribute to ‘Picture This: The Tenby Observer photography club’. Keep them coming... and congratulations to contributor Adam Jones for winning International News Agency Photo of the Year 2022 with his Tenby Lifeboat launch picture!