This week, the Tenby Observer’s Facebook-based photography club has been exploring buildings and beaches from all angles.

Regular contributors Lucy Crockford, Ruth Ashworth and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick have been sharing new views, mostly Tenby-based. Below is an album showing a selection of Tenby photos.

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Of all the castles in West Wales, Cresswell Castle is not often mentioned, so Ruth’s picture got me looking at a Wikipedia entry for a few facts…

Cresswell Castle, Pembrokeshire
Cresswell Castle, Pembrokeshire (Ruth Ashworth)

According to Wikipedia, Cresswell Castle is half a mile north of the village of Cresswell Quay, Pembrokeshire, west Wales. Three miles north of Carew Castle and eight miles south of Llawhaden Castle, Cresswell Castle overlooks the River Cresswell at its highest navigable point.

Cresswell Castle consists of a range of three buildings set along the perimeter of a courtyard. It was originally a fortified manorial complex, founded by the Augustinian Priory of Haverfordwest, but has seen many alterations since, particularly in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The courtyard is rectangular, about 100 by 70 ft, surrounded by a curtain wall with a small circular tower at each corner. The largest of these towers was built as a dovecote.

The castle originally had some defensive adaptations but during the 16th century the Barlows of Slebech converted it into a manor house with stables, gardens and fishponds. It seems to have been abandoned in the latter part of the 17th century.

Thank you, Ruth, for prompting these discoveries!

Lastly, here is one more of Elizabeth’s, taken at Broadhaven South and showing the iconic Church Rock out to sea, past the rock pools.

Broadhaven South
(Elizabeth Fitzpatrick )