A WEST Wales stalker who sent a mould of his penis to his victim has been jailed.

Bobby Williams, of Parrog Road, Newport, Pembrokeshire, has been jailed after appearing before Swansea Crown Court, having previously pleaded guilty to stalking and to five counts of breaching a restraining order.

The court heard how the delivery of the unwanted package was part of a wider campaign and 'fixation' Williams had with his victim, where he repeatedly turned up at her house and harassed her on a beach.

Father-of-three, Williams, 39, said he was ashamed by his behaviour and was told by the judge that he had a 'fixation' on his victim and would face ever increasing prison terms if the behaviour continued.

Williams had previously been handed restraining orders and community orders, which he continually breached.

The court heard that on one occasion, Williams had a 'gift' delivered to the victim's home, which contained 'a mould of his erect penis'.

When arrested and questioned on 3 January this year, he gave 'no comment' answers to most questions, but when asked about the 'gift', he "simply smiled and said 'it is hers'", the court was told.

In defence, the court was told that Williams was ashamed of his actions and apologised to his victim, adding that the defendant struggled with alcohol.

In an impact statement, the woman targeted by Williams said the 'relentless behaviour' had been 'exhausting and draining' and left her feeling lile a prisoner in her own home.

Williams was sentenced to 16 months in prison.