A local county councillor has requested a ‘robust review’ on the impact that the Long Course Weekend sporting event has on those living in the locality.

‘Road Traffic Orders’ have been introduced for the sporting triathlon, held in Tenby and its surrounding area, on the past couple of occasions, with the race organisers Activity Wales working with Pembrokeshire County Council.

The organisers stated that this year’s Wales Sportive cycle ride, which was held on Saturday, July 2 had expanded road closures, restrictions and diversions in place making it the most ‘comprehensive closed road ride in Wales.

The road closures set out, meant that there was no access from New Hedges into Tenby from 9 am to 4.30 pm, with access during this time via Devonshire Drive and coming into the seaside town on the Marsh Road.

For the marathon, on the Sunday, road closures commenced in Tenby from 5 am, and were implemented/removed on a rolling basis as the run progresses.

In a report before members of St Mary Out Liberty Community Council (New Hedges), the county councillor for the ward, Cllr Rhys Jordan stated: “I have requested a robust review to be conducted on the impact of the ‘Long Course Weekend.

“Whilst I wholeheartedly support the wellbeing of the county and encourage participation in activity, I cannot ignore the large amount of complaints from ward members I have received.

“Over 200 residents and local businesses have responded to an online survey I created which will be used in the review. I will keep St Mary Out Liberty updated on this review as it progresses,” he added.

Members of the Community Council also highlighted various points of concern regarding the event in feedback given to PCC, such as:

• rubbish left by the event organisers, along with road signs and bollards having to be cleared away be residents.

• a lack of communication between the various departments at Pembrokeshire County Council which led to the roads within the village being affected for 10 days with residents having their daily routines interrupted.

• several of the marshals had differing information as to that given to the public and when questioned became ‘rude and aggressive’.

• information given to residents regarding when the roads would be opened was incorrect with the opening of roads being much later than advised.

Following the recent event, Cllr Phil Kidney also told members of Penally Community Council at their most recent meeting, that ‘numerous concerns’ had been raised.

Cllr Snow added that the Community Council would respond collectively to a request from PCC to give feedback in asurvey provided on the sporting event.