A fishing novice has become ‘totally hooked’ after landing her first catch on Caldey Island.

Angela Gregory has been visiting Caldey just off Tenby with her children for over 30 years, as her brother - Brother David is a member of the Monastic Community on the island.

Recently retired from teaching in Mid Wales, Angela loves to spend time on Caldey enjoying the peace, beauty and sacredness of the island, and during the summer months she helps harvest the lavender and prepares it for sale for visitors to the island.

Angela has recently been taught to fish by her friend Garry French who lives on the island.

(Pic supplied)

The first fish that she has ever caught was a 6 lb 2oz sea bass from Priory Beach on the evening tide on August 31. Angela was totally awe struck by the power of the fish. It stripped off 50 yards of line on its first run.

After playing the fish for a good 5 mins it was nearly lost to an inquisitive seal before it was eventually beached!

Angela said she was ‘absolutely thrilled’ with her first catch and could not believe the size and weight of the beautiful Sea Bass. She has now become totally hooked on fishing!