Asda customer Angie Elliott – who's recovering after a recent stroke – said she'd be lost without the kindness of Ursula Carroll from Asda who carries her shopping home for her every time she pops in to the supermarket at Pembroke Dock.

Sixty-nine-year-old Angie said: "Ursula's been a tremendous help, marvellous. She really has. I'd be lost without her and I'm so grateful for her help. It's nice for me to have someone like that to depend on.

"Ursula won't have me struggling with heavy shopping bags and if I don't see her I leave them at customer services and she kindly takes them to my home for me. I don't live too far from the store, a stone's throw away actually, and I'm in virtually every day. I tend to go in for one or two things but I always end up getting more."

Angie, who's married to Alan and has always lived in Pembroke Dock, said: "All the staff at the store are marvellous, I know them all. It's a really friendly store."

Service host Ursula, who’s 56 and has worked at the store for 17 years, said: "Despite her stroke Angie is very independent and likes to do her shopping herself, but one day I saw her struggling with a bag and I said, 'Don't do that, let me help'.

"I said to her that if the bags were not heavy that was fine, go for it, but if they're heavy, with things like water, then just leave it and I'll run them over for her. She doesn't live far away.

"Sometimes by the time she's paid for the shopping I've grabbed the bags, dropped them off and come back. If Angie ever needs anything I've told her to message me and I'll help.

"I do like think of myself as kind and caring, it's how I was brought up. I'd help anybody, it doesn't matter who they are."

Alison Williams, Asda Pembroke Dock's service section leader, has nominated Ursula for Asda service superstar award for her kindness towards Angie and other customers.

She said: "Ursula is such an asset to this store – she's my number one! She thinks of everybody and will do anything to help. Ursula always goes out of her way to help all our customers, young or old."