Sir, I have for the last few weeks witnessed a worrying trend involving traffic using Carew Bridge. It has been my lot to spend the last few weeks on or around this bridge and the behaviour of drivers using the bridge has been astonishing!

Traffic coming down into Carew from Whitehill have right of way provided traffic is not actually travelling across the bridge. At the other end, drivers tend to wait as instructed by their red arrow until they know the road is clear. However, when the bridge and approaching road is clear to travel towards Whitehill, inconsiderate drivers coming down into Carew are refusing to wait when approaching vehicles are halfway across the bridge, resulting in jams, dangerous manoeuvres, confrontations, harsh words and some incredibly bad language... some of which I have been subjected too.

Something very serious is going to happen unless the attitude of these impatient, angry, stupid drivers who for whatever reason are failing to obey (or maybe ignorant of its implications) the road traffic sign on this very busy ‘A’ road bridge.

Personally I think the red arrow should be at the Whitehill end and the white arrow at Carew end because of the congestion with the junction, pub traffic and castle etc.

These incidents are not isolated, several happening in a couple of hours... let’s chill and remember our good manners when using this bridge, otherwise a change of approach may be the answer!

Ruthie Ashworth,