AS 36 Steps2Health members gathered in Battery Gardens, the weather was sunny, such a pleasure after the recent run of wind and rain.

On Saturday, April 15, Chris, backed by Barbara, led the Speedies across the South Beach towards Giltar Head.

Marlene, supported by Pat, followed them at the head of the larger Steadies group. The Steadies soon turned off the beach towards Black Rock and Kiln Park. The Speedies kept up a good pace all the way to the Penally exit. They returned to the town via Crossing Cottage and Black Rock. By the time they got there the Steadies were long gone, having walked through Kiln Park and returned to the town.

With the boats now all back in the water, most of the walkers congregated on the harbour for some post-walk outdoor socialising. It was glorious to be out of doors on such a nice morning.

On Thursday, eight Nordic Walkers met in the car park just along from Blackpool Mill. It was another impeccable day, with a clear blue bowl of a sky and wall to wall sunshine. There was enough breeze to keep the walkers cool as they strode along. They tackled the National Park route around Minwear Woods. They went along the bank of the Eastern Cleddau, passing Minwear church and the ruin of the Sisters House before circling around to the start. The woodland paths were very pretty, lined with celandines and wood anenomes. It was a delightful walk and much enjoyed by everyone taking part.

There will be a choice of town walks starting from Battery Gardens on Saturday, April 29 at 10.30am. Refreshments will be available after the walk at a charity coffee morning in Church House. Please see the printed programme or visit the club website at for information about future walks.