A Begelly resident has raised concerns once again after accusing heavy lorries and other vehicles of speeding down the A478.

The road in question is a busy route past one of Pembrokeshire’s most popular visitor attractions Folly Farm, which then leads through the village of Begelly where 30 mph speed restrictions are in place.

Resident Stephen Scanlon who previously contacted the Observer back before the summer with his concerns statng that it would be ‘disasterous’ if a fatality occurred in that location before the local authorities acted on the matter, said this week that the speed traffic continues to travel along the route at times is ‘unbelievable.’

“The majority of people visiting Folly Farm do drive and park in the premises’ car parks, however, there are those that walk up with their children, some pushing prams, so the last thing that you want to see, or hear when walking on any pavement is excessive amounts of over speeding traffic which are a severe liability to the public,”?he said.

“The speed of the traffic is unbelievable. We are talking about all types of traffic, from lorries, cars, motorcycles, vans and large wagons.

“Begelly is a 30 mph village not the M1!

“The road past Folly Farm has a 40 mph speed restriction, but there are mileage signs but no cameras, or flashing signs warning of speed restrictions.

“Are Pembrokeshire County Council in their ignorance going to wait until there is a critical disaster before they do anything?

“There are those that do stick to the speed limits and they do need praise and each time they stick to the speed limit there is usually somebody in whatever type of vehicle almost adhering to their backsides waiting to speed past!

When asked to comment, a spokesperson for Pembrokeshire County Council, said: “As there are speed limits in place which are allegedly being broken, this is an enforcement matter and therefore comes under the jurisdiction of the police.”