Autumn got off to a good start for Steps2Health walkers.

On the first Thursday in October, Brian led the Nordic Walkers through Minwear Woods on a beautiful mellow autumn day. 

On the Saturday, walkers had equally nice weather for their trip to Freshwater East that week. 

The Steadies walked through the dunes onto the beach, then returned to include the boardwalk. The Speedies did a longer more challenging walk around the high level paths at the top of the dune system. They all finished up for refreshments in Jack’s restaurant. 

The following week, the Nordic Walkers went to Southwood estate near Newgale and were lucky with the weather again. The Saturday walkers were equally lucky with the weather that week and also stayed dry. 

However the Nordic luck ran out by the following, Thursday 19 October. The Nordic Walkers were properly soaked on their walk from Llawhaden to Gelli and back. The mud and rain were plentiful but, despite that, they all enjoyed the autumn colours through the woodlands. 

Nordics, wet but happy
Nordics, wet but happy (Steps2Health)

A couple of days later, the Saturday walkers fared a bit better for their trip to Saundersfoot. The planned route through the woods and via the Incline was changed because of the mud and slipping risk. The rain held off during the walk and the alternate route via the Coast Path and Dramway avoided the mud. 

By the time that the last Nordic Walk took place on the 26th, the weather had become really unsettled with some short but fierce outbursts of rain. The walkers were delighted but amazed that they stayed dry for their circular walk through the woods at Lawrenny Quay. There was plenty of mud and it was pretty slippery in places, but the poles helped them all to stay upright. 

On the Saturday, the weather was even worse with intermittent torrential downpours. The Steadies did a beach walk, so although they were rained on they avoided any problems with mud. 

The Speedies did the demanding walk via Allen’s View to Waterwynch, returning via Slippery Back and the fields earmarked for the new housing development. The going was very muddy and treacherous. However everyone enjoyed their walk and all are looking forward to next month’s all-weather social walking.

Speedies (Steps2Health)