A year prior to the D-Day landings, Amroth and surrounding beaches were used for a logistics learning and preparation practice.

During the rehearsal, known as Exercise Jantzen, the area was placed under military control, a curfew and residents’ IDs put in place.

Exercise Jantzen vehicle on cliffs
(Tenby Museum)

Amroth beach contained coasters, landing craft and amphibious vehicles. 

These rehearsals helped the D-Day landings be a huge success. The D-Day landings saw around 132,500 allied troops invade five Normandy beaches as part of the liberation of North West Europe in the world’s largest ever amphibious invasion. 

Join the community of Amroth to remember the historic event, the bravery and sacrifice of the military troops and give thanks for the freedom we enjoy today.

Commemorations on June 6, 2024

  • 7.25am – Raising the Flag of Peace and Reading of the Proclamation.
  • 6.30pm – Ring Out For Peace – Amroth Church Bell.
  • 9pm – International Tribute to be read out.
  • 9.15pm – Lighting of the Beacon.

The Flag Raising and Beacon lighting ceremonies will take place at the flagpole in the village.

In gratitude to all the small fishing boats that helped in this mission, June 6 is also National Fish & Chips Day. Please support local eateries who will be serving D-Day fish specials!