A multi-agency cliff rescue was a timely reminder for visitors to Pembrokeshire’s beaches to check tide times to reduce the risk of being cut off by the tide.

St Davids all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch at 5.18pm on Wednesday 6 June to assist two persons cut off by the tide at Caerfai Bay.

With a rapidly rising spring tide both casualties attempted to scale the cliffs in order to reach safety. They found themselves stuck halfway up, unable to climb further or descend back to the waters edge.

Alongside St David's lifeboat, Norah Wortley, St Davids and Fishguard Coastguard CRT were also requested to attend. The coastguard teams prepared a rope rescue for the casualties whilst RNLI volunteers stood by offshore. Coastguard rescue helicopter support was also requested due to the precarious position of the casualties.

Once the rope technician had secured the first casualty the helicopter arrived on scene. This casualty was lowered down the cliff to meet the RNLI daughter boat which then brought this casualty to the all-weather lifeboat where casualty care, blankets and fluid were provided.

A HM Coastguard rope technician re-scaled the cliff and stood by the second casualty whilst the helicopter came into position to winch the second casualty to safety.

The rope technician then scaled down the cliff to the daughter boat, from where the first casualty and coastguard volunteer were taken to Caerfai beach to rendezvous with the second casualty and coastguard teams.

With everyone safe and secure, lifeboat and volunteers returned to station, rehousing at 8.05pm, and ready for service at 8.30pm.

Will Chant, RNLI Coxswain for St Davids RNLI lifeboat, said:

“This was a difficult rescue requiring a collaborative approach from all involved.

“I’d like to thank the Coastguard Rescue Teams, Coastguard Rescue Helicopter and a tourist from the Peak District mountain rescue team for their assistance in this rescue. Thanks to the professionalism of the all involved in the rescue, the casualties were unharmed.”

“We’d remind people to check tide times when visiting the beach to reduce the risk of being cut off by the tide,“ he added.