A gardening expert has warned homeowners that this weekend could be the last chance to mow their lawns this year.

Weather is a key factor in deciding when is the best time to look after your outdoor space, with rain and cold affecting plant growth and the effectiveness of lawnmowers. 

When temperatures drop below eight degrees celsius, grass will stop growing, so it is advised to mow before the cold sets in. 

Forecasts across the UK are predicting sunshine and clear skies for Saturday and Sunday morning, offering a window in which to get some garden work done. 

Chris McIlroy from The Grass People explained: “There are two main factors to consider when cutting your lawn - temperature and moisture.

“Traditionally, most people completed their final mow of the year by the end of October. But with climate patterns changing, this is often extended into November.

“However, since the start of this month there has been a huge amount of rainfall due to major storms and weather fronts - some of which have caused serious flooding and disruption.

“But this weekend offers a brief window when there should be little or no rain, plus clear skies and a freshening breeze that will allow lawns to dry out sufficiently to be mowed.

“Therefore, if you are planning to get a final cut in before the end of the year, it would be the perfect time to do this.”

Chris added that mowing after rain can be harmful to your lawn, commenting: “Damp grass means that the blades are slick and therefore you end up with an uneven cut, which is not good for lawn health.

“It can also clog your mower, while moving across wet ground compacts the soil and leads to uneven growth in future.

“There’s also the risk of various lawn diseases taking hold further down the line.”