An interiors expert has shared how to incorporate trending colours into your home. 

Following the release of shows and films such as Saltburn, Fool Me Once and The Traitors, there has been an increase interest for blue in the home, with the phrase “blue interiors” having been searched for 22,000 in just the last month. 

With this trend in mind, Jen Nash, head of design at Magnet Trade, has revealed her top tips for incorporating blue into your home. 

Jen commented: “In the past, homeowners have tended to shy away from vibrant colours and favoured neutral palettes. However, in 2024, there has been a notable shift in design attitudes, influenced by shows like 'The Traitors', 'Saltburn' and 'Fool Me Once', and homeowners are now taking a more creative approach to interior design.

“Homeowners are seeking to infuse their living spaces with colour and express individuality and personality through their home decor choices. When it comes to introducing colours like blue into your home, here are my top tips.”

Use colour in moderation

home interiors
Use colour in moderation so as to not overwhelm the space. (Adam Winger on Unsplash)

Whilst it may be tempting to add blue to every room in your home, use the colour in moderation. Blue is an extremely bold colour and if used excessively, it can completely overwhelm a space especially where space is limited or lacks natural light. 

Consider the available space and amount of natural light a room gets when choosing a shade of blue for your home. For well-lit spaces, opt for a dark navy blue, while in areas with limited natural light, a lighter blue shade is recommended.

Use blue as a contrasting colour

To create a striking impact, use blue as a contrasting colour. For spaces with exposed wooden beams or oak wood furniture, enhance the overall aesthetic of the space by incorporating blue into the room. Adding blue pieces of furniture or fabrics and soft furnishings has the power to transform your space and give it a cinematic and sophisticated appearance.

Create a feature wall

home interiors
Feature walls can help to incorporate colour into your home. (Emily Wang on Unsplash)

For a striking design statement, consider incorporating blue into a feature wall in either a living room or bedroom. This addition goes beyond aesthetics and acts as a focal point that not only introduces depth and dimension but also exudes individuality and style, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

Experiment with lighting 

blue interiors
Experiment with different lighting and colours. (Nick Wright on Unsplash)

Safely explore the blue aesthetic in your home by experimenting with blue lighting, whether this be through pendant lights, table lamps, or floor lamps. This not only adds to the overall ambience but serves as a stylish and gradual entry point into incorporating blue interiors into your space.