Worn road markings before entering Serpentine Road in Tenby need rectifying before a serious collision occurs a councillor warned this week.

Speaking at a recent meeting of the town council Clr. Mrs. Tish Rossiter told her colleagues that the white lines meant to be in place to indicate the turning lane into the road, had now become ‘non existent’ and barely visible.

“Cars come careering towards you in that area and lorries too, so I don’t know if someone can look at that,” she said, with the Mayor, Clr. Tony Brown agreeing that it was a ‘dangerous’ spot.

Clr. Paul Rapi noted that a former teacher in the town had experienced a nasty accident there sone time ago when a lorry hit the car she was driving.

“The speed the traffic use that road at times, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been more accidents there,” added Clr. Trevor Hallett.