A Whitland community initiative has raised £4,000 for a local teacher fighting the after-effects of a severe illness.

Julianna Bransden, a teacher at Llanmiloe CP School, Pendine, suddenly contracted sepsis, which has had life changing consequences for her.

A spokesman for Whitland Chamber of Trade said: “When we heard her story, it touched our hearts, realising her bravery and tenacity throughout the ordeal.

“Whitland Chamber of Trade wanted to bring the community together by raising awareness and support for Julianna and her family. 

“Kerrie Williams(Enigma) and Catherine Walker(Baby Mania) were instrumental in organising a fashion show and charity auction, held at Whitland Town Hall on August 4, and what a night it was. Thanks to amazing support from local businesses, family and friends we raised the incredible sum of £4000, far more than we could ever have imagined.

“Thank you to everyone involved, particularly Julianna, who has been an inspiration to us all.”

Tim and Julianna with Kerrie Williams (organiser) at the event.
Tim and Julianna with Kerrie Williams (organiser) at the event. (Whitland Chamber of Trade)