Minutes of the General Meeting of Whitland Town Council held remotely, via the medium of Zoom, on July 12:


Clr. Davies-Scourfield reported that she had attended a meeting with representatives of Whitland Week and was advised that the Covid Officer from Carmarthen County Council was supporting that Whitland Week event, with certain conditions to be adhered to, but the final decision is yet to be made as to whether the event will take place as a whole or as smaller events within local business premises.


• PL/02113: 10 Park Street, Whitland, SA34 0PX - Proposed rear conservatory extension with accessible wet room (Following consideration of all the information provided by the Planning Authority Clr. Scourfield proposed that the Town Council support this planning application; Clr. Shipton seconded the proposal with all Cllrs in full agreement).

• To consider any planning application decision notices received from Carmarthenshire County Council

PL/00791: 46 Bryngwenllian -Proposed balcony including door to replace existing window (granted).

PL/01327: Land adjacent to Silverdene - Construction of two detached dwellings (granted).


• Various consultations received and forwarded to all Cllrs via email for their consideration

• Email received from Carmarthenshire County Council advising that an update regarding the Local Development Plan will be issued soon

• Two emails received regarding refuse collection arrangements at Westover, Whitland – The Clerk responded to the two emails copying Clr. S Allen (County Councillor) into the response, requesting if she would be able to assist as unfortunately the Whitland Town Council, on this occasion, was unable too.

• Email received from Carmarthenshire County Council offering Code of Conduct Training – The Clerk to request spaces for Cllrs Davies-Scourfield, Blandford, Dobson and Hughes.

• Planning Consultation received from Carmarthenshire County Council Planning Authority – due to the timings of the Council’s requested response it was agreed that an Extraordinary Meeting will be held to consider this and any other planning applications received.


Clr. L Shipton reported that:

• All the Christmas lights, belonging to the Council, have been placed in the storage container and If anyone is aware of any Council property in lofts or garages could they please let the Clerk know and arrangements will be made to collect such.

• The wash hand replacement works, in the public toilets, commenced this month.

• One of the fence posts to the Trevaughan land is noted to be rotten – further enquiries to be made.

• Arrangements to be made for arborists to visit the Pocket Park and provide prices for proposed tree reduction works.

• The possibility of including a pedestrian gateway, for access by members of the public, into the land at Trevaughan is being considered.


• Clr. Chapman reported on behalf of Ten Towns of Growth Summary of Meeting held last month - “From Whitland only myself and Paul Evans together with the county councillor Sue Allen who chaired/facilitated the meeting. Others present were from Carmarthenshire County Council and HenLlanfallteg.

“The Consultancy Period is now over and the final report has been published and is available online. Owen Davies summarised his findings including the heritage and leisure that is available locally and should be shouted about; EG vineyards, cycling and abbey, the need for parking in the town and development of walking and cycling paths and of brown sites.

“A market officer has been employed by the county council who will liaise with each town and assist, when possible, on development.

“For each town to move forward a steering committee will be formed and make suggestions as to what could assist the town, apply for funding for development, liaise with market officer and the county council.

“Grants currently available ‘Property Development Grant’ which is up to £750 per project or 45 per cent of costs. £1,000,000 is available towards Capital Funding up to £10k per project.”

Following consideration of all the information provided by Clr. Chapman and the importance of the Council’s involvement in this project, Clr. Shipton proposed that all Councillors attend any meetings that they are able to regarding this initiative and for the Clerk to advise the project leaders accordingly; Clr. Davies-Scourfield seconded the proposal with a majority vote in favour of such.

• Clr. Chapman on behalf of One Voice Wales - A report that he had attended the One Voice Wales area meeting. There was a problem with the technology and the translation of the meeting, proving difficult to understand what was being discussed. The main point of discussion was the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021. This will be discussed in further details when One Voice Wales releases it paper on such.

• To consider the Carmarthenshire County Council Public Notice (proposed waiting restrictions and street parking) - Following consideration of all the information provided to the Whitland Town Council by Carmarthenshire County Council it was agreed that the Clerk draft a suitable letter advising of the Council’s considerations. Following a site visit and further understanding of the impact the proposed Order with have on residents in this area, the draft response will be considered at the Extraordinary Meeting.

NEXT MEETING: There will be no August meeting of Whitland Town Council but an Extraordinary Meeting was due to be held on July 22 to consider any planning applications received.