At a recent meeting of Whitland Town Council some of the topics that were discussed were as follows.

The Council received an update on the developing community orchard in the area at the bottom of Velfrey Road.

There was real enthusiasm and support for it, ranging from generous donations from local residents towards providing the trees and fruit shrubs, loan of tyres to protect the young and newly planted shrubs, even individuals willing to give their time and expertise to provide a plan for the orchard and a painting of it.

The Council will continue to develop it as a community resource as time went on.

They also considered the re-opening of Cross Street toilets. This would be done after a thorough deep clean was carried out, and there would be increased cleaning after opening.

It was agreed that use would have to be at individual’s own risk because they could not be cleaned after each user, but the Council considered it important to provide the facility for the town and its visitors.

They agreed to put out a contract for tender for resolving the drains blocking issue.

The Council also agreed that since required repairs highlighted in the latest inspection report had been carried out, Bryngwenllian Playground could formally re-open for use.

As with the toilets, Covid-19 signage and guidance would be prominently displayed for users.

There was a lengthy discussion on the placement of two picnic benches that had been donated.

These were most likely to end up in the community orchard, but for now could be used elsewhere in the town to help support local businesses by providing immediate seating outside for customers.

This is only a summary of a few of the topics that were discussed.

Visit the website to read the full minutes of the meeting.