At Pembroke Soup in Pembroke Town Hall, apart from the usual lovely donated home-made soups, people received bowls of hope and encouragement.

Watching or listening to the news can be upsetting, distressing, worrying and make you feel pretty hopeless. However, not so at Pembroke Soup! All were warmed and encouraged to hear from local speakers and about what they are offering and achieving in the community.

They heard from Wayne and Matthew from Menshed. Menshed meet once a week on a Wednesday at their new centre next to the Fire station in Pembroke Dock, Brittania Road. 

They offer friendship and an opportunity to use, share and learn new skills and crafts along with chess, board games and plenty of tea. Wayne showed some beautifully crafted wooden bowls made on the wood turning lathe. 

Wayne explained how he had personally benefited from the Menshed. He now has much more confidence and is able to share how it has helped him and others. As he talked to the Pembroke Soup folk, this was evidenced his enthusiasm. Men, and women, are welcome to go along, have a cuppa, meet the others and try it out for themselves. Contact [email protected] or 07968 713749.

Wayne and Matthew receive a Pembroke Soup donation for Menshed from Joan Marsh
Wayne and Matthew receive a Pembroke Soup donation for Menshed from Joan Marsh (Pembroke Soup)

Kevin from VC Gallery also shared. The gallery started as an organisation supporting veterans who, after discharge from the Forces, might be struggling with civilian life after losing the comradeship of their previous life and perhaps dealing with trauma. 

The extra problems around housing and finding a new life sometimes seemed enormous. And this is where the VC gallery has stepped into offer friendship, support, somewhere to get warm and have a drink and a meal (free on Tuesdays), and offering art and creativity as a purpose and often a release from inner tensions. Contact Kevin 07474 485007 or visit .

Kevin From VC Gallery receives the Pembroke Soup donation from Joan Marsh
Kevin From VC Gallery receives the Pembroke Soup donation from Joan Marsh (Pic supplied)

Pembroke Soup also heard from John Roberts,( on behalf of Esteam. John, who himself has much experience in teaching young adults with special needs, spoke with deep respect and enthusiasm for what Paul and his team are achieving at Esteam - based in Warren - in engaging as a training provider, for adults with special needs, in encouraging and guiding trainees in creating good quality crafts and in developing gardening skills. Pembroke Soup’s Joan Marsh had the pleasure of seeing this for herself when she was to take out the donation. Don’t miss their tabletop sale at the next Pembroke Soup.

Each of the three groups attending received £71, as the entrance fee of £5 per person is given to the community groups attending in support of the work they are doing within the community.

Missed it? The next Pembroke Soup will be a later time of 1-2.30pm on Saturday, November 18 when, for a Christmas Special, they will be inviting one main community group to speak, but all groups who have attended this year will be offered a table top to sell or display.

Don’t miss out on your next bowl of hope - and soup!