Pembroke Dock Central Councillor Paul Dowson has announced today (January 12) that he will sit as a UKIP councillor on Pembrokeshire County Council.

In a statement to the press, Clr. Dowson said: “I’m delighted to announce that I am joining UKIP.

“UKIP is the only common sense alternative to the stale, out of touch Labour/Conservative/Plaid politically correct consensus. Politicians branded Wales a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ and actively encourage illegal migrants to Wales.

“My local community, Pembrokeshire and wider Wales has suffered greatly at hands of virtue signalling policies handed down from the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

“This policy is directly responsible for the housing of hundreds of migrants - many here illegally – right on my constituent’s doorstep in Penally with no consultation of local residents.

“Welsh Labour are letting Westminster Tories off the hook for their consistent failure to control our borders, by offering up Wales as an overflow for the thousands of illegal migrants,” continued Clr. Dowson.

“UKIP has the courage to deal with the tough issues that Senedd politicians want to ignore and sweep under the carpet - starting by scrapping the Nation of Sanctuary project. If you care about your community, Wales and the UK then take action and join UKIP.”

In 2017, Clr. Dowson says that he decided to stand in the local elections for his home town of Pembroke Dock as a result of ‘frustration at the self-serving attitudes’ of those who had been elected to look after it.

Clr. Dowson says that since his election, he has ‘fought against incredible odds’ to do what is best for his town and its people ever since.

In response, UKIP leader & Mid & West MS, Neil Hamilton, said in a statement released to the press: “I am thrilled to welcome Clr. Dowson into UKIP.

“Paul is going to play a key part in our 2021 Senedd elections campaign, in which we will be fighting to scrap the Senedd and end Welsh Labour’s dangerous fantasy of making Wales a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ for bogus asylum-seekers.

“We must stop inviting to Wales thousands more people we know nothing about. This will put an unprecedented strain on already struggling NHS, schools, housing and transport.

“A quarter of people in Wales already live in fuel poverty. Charity must begin at home.

“2020 saw a dramatic increase in illegal English Channel crossings. A whopping 10,000 illegal migrants entered the UK by this route, up from 1,800 in 2019 and a mere 300 in 2018.

“The Welsh Government’s priority should be the people of Wales, not economic migrants from abroad.

“It is a disgrace that around 1 in 4 households in Wales live in fuel poverty and we have hundreds of rough sleepers.

“Spineless Cardiff Bay politicians are letting the Westminster Government off the hook for their gross ineptitude on our borders, by offering Wales as an overflow site for thousands of bogus asylum-seekers, who should be sent back across the Channel.

“In my own constituency, the Penally illegal migrant camp, currently housing around 250 people in a coastal village of only 850, is a perfect example.

“This will further damage the already-struggling tourism industry in Tenby and has caused some house prices reportedly to drop by £100,000.

“UKIP Wales will fight the Senedd elections on a clear message - scrap the Nation of Sanctuary policy and stop illegal migration into Wales,” added Mr. Hamilton.