Pembrokeshire County Council and the Public Services Ombudsman have been urged to examine social media posts apparently made by councillor Paul Dowson which are hateful to women; the LGBT+ community; to different religions and to Black people.

UNISON’s Pembrokeshire branch has sent the council’s head of Legal & Democratic Services and the Public Services Ombudsman a dossier of posts which appear to originate from councillor Dowson’s social media.

The trade union says the posts are grossly offensive to his constituents and fall well below that expected of a community leader.

It has asked the local authority and the Public Services Ombudsman to carry out a formal investigation.

Jonathan Lewis, UNISON Pembrokeshire branch secretary said: “Social media posts which appear to be made by councillor Dowson against women; LGBT+ people and different religions are thoroughly disgusting.

“They are insulting to the local people he is supposed to represent and the thousands of people delivering Pembrokeshire council services.

“Pembrokeshire is a tolerant and welcoming community and diversity is to be celebrated. It is vitally important everyone stands together against racism and all other forms of discrimination and UNISON has written urging the Council and the Public Services Ombudsman to carry out a formal investigation into this matter.”

UNISON Pembrokeshire has previously criticised Clr. Dowson for inflammatory statements denigrating the Black Lives Matter movement.