The Friends of St Mary’s invite you to join them on a conducted tour of St Mary’s Church, Tenby next Monday.  

St Mary’s Church in Tenby dates back at least 800 years and is highly regarded as a historic site of great importance.

Robert Recorde memorial, St Mary's Church, Tenby
(Observer pic)
Tomb of the Whites - 15th century Mayors of Tenby, at St Mary's Church Tenby
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Visitors are always amazed by the sheer size of the building when they enter. Some liken it to the Tardis! 

Remembrance banners at St Mary's Church, Tenby
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Members of The Friends of St Mary’s will take visitors around the building, starting with an overview of the church and how it came to be in its present form. 

Inside St Mary's Church, Tenby
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The tour is quite informal and will be accompanied by organ music as it moves from one area to the next.

Observer video. There are always things going on at St Mary’s, and in this clip you can hear strains of the amazing Lucy Evans practising with accompanist Mark Thompson for a concert at Warren Church.

The charge for the tour is £5 per person. Tea or coffee and biscuits in the church hall afterwards are included in the price.  Proceeds will go to The Friends organisation which provides “extras” for St Mary’s. For instance, new lamps have recently been purchased for outside the north door, and a safety handrail has been put up on the steps up to the Memorial Garden.

Friends of St Mary's table, Tenby
The Friends of St Mary’s organisation is open to all for an annual £10 subscription and exists primarily to “keep in touch with, and minister to” the church’s large extended family. (Observer pic)

The tour lasts about one hour and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy this beautiful building on Monday, July 17, starting at 7pm. 

Monument at St Mary's Church Tenby
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St Mary’s looks forward to welcoming you.

St Mary's Church, Tenby
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