Discussions on grass cutting around New Hedges arose at a recent meeting of St Mary Out Liberty Community Council.

Councillors received an email from Pembrokeshire County Council’s Grounds Maintenance Team, which confirmed that the various parcels of grass, within the village, which the Community Council have cut, belong to PCC and are depicted on its cutting schedule.

It was confirmed that PCC will be responsible for all grass areas from the 2022 season onwards. Councillors also heard that several matters which require attention by PCC’s Road Maintenance Team had also been reported to the local authority.

An update was given on the regular graffiti appearing on the wall of the bus shelter at Cwm Gwennol.

The internal walls of the bus shelter were painted just prior to Christmas, but on December the community council received photographs depicting that, once again, the walls had been vandalised!

The matter was once again, reported to local Police and the community council is awaiting further information regarding a meeting with the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Members have since heard that local community councillor Phil Baker, and his wife, who reside in the St Mary Out Liberty Ward, had kindly volunteered to keep the walls of the bus shelter painted.

At the meeting, councillors were also asked to consider the draft budget and precept for 2022-23.

All members confirmed that they had received a copy of the proposed draft budget. It was noted that a budget line be included for the Queens Jubilee Celebrations.

Clr. Bolton proposed that the budget, as presented, be accepted at an amount of £11,460 and a request be sent to Pembrokeshire County Council for a Precept of £6,945 only. Clr. Nash seconded the proposal with all councillors in full agreement.