Attempts to deter vehicles speeding through New Hedges village look set to be trialled, thanks to assistance from another nearby Community Council.

County Councillor for the ward of St Mary Out Liberty (New Hedges) Cllr Rhys Jordan, recently highlighted the concerns of villagers that motorists did not adhere to the 30mph speed limit through the village, when he met with members of the Community Council recently, stating that residents had approached him to discuss the possibility of flashing speed warning signs being erected.

Having looked into it, Cllr Jordan explained that this was not something that Pembrokeshire County Council would be willing to fund, however various grants were available.

Cllr Jordan recently updated local councillors that East Williamston Community Council would be willing to lend one of their portable flashing speed warning signs to allow New Hedges to trial it in the village, at no cost, to see if it is effective at slowing traffic.

“This would also allow a range of locations to be tested to see where the sign is most effective, if at all,” said Cllr Jordon.

It was agreed to write to East Williamston Council asking to borrow the sign for a time period to be mutually agreed.