The sixth RNLI quiz, the idea of its author, Pembroke Guild member Mrs. Cynthia Field and sponsored by Pembroke Power Station for the third year, has raised in excess of £1,000 for the RNLI. Immense gratitude to the power station for their support once again.

One local winner this year, photographed with RNLI members and power station representatives, Mrs. Jill Ensom (fifth from left with her husband), has chosen to donate her £25 winning cheque back to the charity. Jill chose to do this ‘without question’ in memory of a family member who drowned locally in the ’60s. The second winner was a Mrs. McKenzie from Ayrshire.

Pembroke Ladies Guild wish to thank all of the entrants this year. It was quite amazing to receive entries returned from Northern Ireland, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Devon and the Channel Islands. The annual loyal support of Lancashire is down to Cynthia’s mailing to friends to her former homeland.

A huge thank you to local businesses, Monddi, our publisher, libraries, Pembroke 21C and Pembroke Ladies Guild members for selling the quiz locally. Also, Jennie McIntosh, a Guild vice-president, and hon sec, Tamzin Lewis, for their fair and meticulous marking.

Finally, loyal entrants and supporters of Cynthia’s quiz, next year’s is already written by Cynthia and designed by Jennie McIntosh to be launched on May 30.