A review of the induction plan for new Pembrokeshire councillors is under way ready for a new uptake in next year’s local elections.

A working group of councillors has met five times since November 2020 and has been focusing on the existing induction plan and pre-election information for prospective members, with the aim of making improvements.

It has also examined Welsh Government and WLGA guidance promoting access to democracy.

Members of the democratic services committee received an action plan prepared by the group at its meeting on Monday (June 21).

It includes producing a new induction plan for 2022, reviewing training, consideration of a mentor/buddy scheme, open days to find out about being a councillor will be developed, updates from a strategic equality plan action group will also be incorporated including research into barriers to women and BAME candidates in local elections.

Clr. Joshua Beynon suggested that media training be included alongside the work already undertaken on social media, to help with councillors taking part in radio or TV discussions, which was noted by the committee.

How to engage with the “next generation” of potential councillors at college or sixth form was also highlighted as an area to review.

The committee noted the action plan with work continuing into next year before May’s elections.