In the run-up to Halloween, you may be looking for activities and places to visit to get you into the spirit of the season.

You needn’t look far for somewhere spooky to stay, as right on your doorstep is one of the UK’s “most haunted” buildings.

Roch Castle, in Haverfordwest, is now a hotel, but dates back to the 12th century and was built by a Norman knight named Adam de Rupe.

By the 17th century, the castle had changed hands into the possession of the Walter family.

The most oft-reported ghost of the castle is the spirit of Lucy Walter - with Lucy being King Charles II’s mistress and bearing his child, the Duke of Monmouth.

During the Civil War, the castle was captured and burned by Parliamentary forces and the Walter family fled, laying empty until the Duke of Monmouth returned and reclaimed it - but later led a rebellion and was beheaded.

Some visitors to the building claim to have seen a translucent white woman - who is thought to be Lucy -  floating down the halls, over the walls and through closed doors.

Another spirit rumoured to haunt the castle is the Norman knight and builder of the castle himself, Adam de Rupe.

The story tells that Adam was told by a witch that he would be killed by a poisonous snake unless he could avoid being bitten.

After receiving this prophecy, the knight built the castle and hid there to avoid coming into contact with snakes.

However, one winter, a snake hiding inside his firewood bit Adam, who died within hours - and is still said to roam the corridors of the castle today.

The castle is now run as a hotel, with the owners describing it as follows: “Roch Castle rests high above the landscape on its volcanic, rocky outcrop, providing 360-degree views of Pembrokeshire.

“Meticulously restored, the castle offers five star Visit Wales Guest Accommodation, spectacular location and bespoke customer service.”