Pembroke Town Walls Trust’s campaign to Pledge a Stone for the Gun Platform has so far received over £1,500.

The campaign which has been going for six months has now raised over a third of the match funding for the Cadw grant of £4,125. 

The chair and trustees of the Town Walls Trust wish to extend thanks to all who have sent donations or contributed online, through Virgin Money Giving on the Trust’s website.

A new campaign page on the website records the many generous supporters to the Gun Platform project, assisting the Trust to conserve this part of Pembroke Town’s Heritage.

The campaign will continue over the summer and any who still wish to pledge can do so through the page on the website.

The work continues to be monitored by Cadw and Pembrokeshire County Council with work to the east wall of the platform now nearing completion.

Trustees look forward to being at the Gun Platform on the August 7 when Pembroke Town Council is holding the River Rally, and hope to meet many who have pledged stones so far and more on the day.

It is hoped to be able to hold a family fundraising event later in the year and announce details as soon as possible.

However, the support received throughout the pandemic and without the ability for enjoyable face to face fundraising, has been priceless.