Some two or three years ago Mrs. Joan Beynon of Kilgetty started making a patchwork quilt, with the intention of using it to raise money for the Pembrokeshire Fundraising Group of Guide Dogs Cymru.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus put a stop to all the groups Joan usually attended, and sadly in December 2020 she passed away before the quilt had been completed.

Her children - Rose, Heather and Billy eventually found someone who would finish making the quilt, and Stephanie Morris came to the rescue.

Last Friday Rose, Heather and Bill met with Eva Rich and guide dog Nancy to hand over the quilt so that the Pembrokeshire Fundraising Group could use it to help with their fundraising.

Eva, together with the members of the Pembrokeshire Fundraising Group thanked the family most sincerely for carrying out their mum’s wishes, and also added thanks to Stephanie for her help in completing the beautiful quilt acknowledging the hours of work put into it by both ladies.

As fundraising is still somewhat limited, the Pembrokeshire Group have not yet decided how the quilt will be used, but feel sure that Joan would be delighted to know that it would help raise much needed funds to train more guide dogs like Eva’s seventh Nancy.