The situation is improving with the council’s contact centre but ensuring the online system is up to scratch will be key to reducing future pressures.

That was the view of the corporate overview and scrutiny committee as it discussed an update on the “customer journey and contact centre” at its meeting on Thursday, November 18.

Pembrokeshire councillors also repeated their calls for greater communication with elected members on matters involving their wards and highlighted the need for closer links with the marketing and communication department.

Clr. Mark Carter said issues in reporting problems such as broken street lights or potholes had been highlighted, adding the system needed to be fit for purpose otherwise people gave up and rang the contact centre instead, with Paul Ashley-Jones, head of procurement and customer service, stating some aspects were being trialled and improvements being made.

Clrs. Tom Tudor and Michael Williams were among those to highlight the need for greater communication with local members, both indicating situations in their towns where constituents had asked about projects or commencement of work they had not been told about.

Clr. Tudor added that when the communications, PR and marketing team prepared press releases or other promotions the process should also include contacting a local member for comment.