THE share offer campaign to purchase Havards the ironmongers shop in Newport, Pembrokeshire will end on the last day of August 2022, then that’s all, folks.

People have been very supportive of ensuring the shop is kept open in Newport. A total of £367,600 has now been received in the bank, with 267 members now having invested. Some members have also increased their original purchase to bring the average investment per member to £1,376. The bottom target of £330,000 has been achieved by the upper target of £475,000 to complete outright purchase with stock transfer and working capital is the final aim. Therefore a final push now for the remaining £107,400 to August 31.

At the recent public meeting held at the boat club in Newport, Clive Hooper reminded his listeners that shares can be gifted to other family members: children, grandchildren, spouse or civil partner. It is an excellent gift for people to actually part-own an ironmonger shop!

The project has just submitted a grant application to the Community Ownership Fund, with over 200 hours volunteered by the committee members this month in putting the submission together for the grant fund. The volunteer committee (pictured) is very thankful to the businesses and organisations that have sent letters of support.

The final document was submitted by August 19. If successful, this would allow the project to immediately progress with capital works on the shop. 

Another public meeting will be held again at the Newport boat club at 6.30pm on Tuesday, August 30 to update members and potential investors on progress and to answer any queries on the eve of the share purchase closing.

Finally, a reminder of how to buy shares: visit .   For those who wish to retain the feel of paper, hardcopies of the share documents and forms are available at Havards counter.

Once again, the committee and supporters of the Siop Havards Project wish to thank everyone for their support in ensuring the ironmongers shop is kept open for the current and future generations of Newport, Pembrokeshire.