Mayor of Pembroke Dock Cllr Pam George welcomed Chairman of Pembrokeshire Lido Mike Allen to the Town Council meeting.

Mr Allen said that it is his plan to meet with all the town councils across the county to take questions and ask councils for letters of support.

The old Rath pool in Milford Haven was very popular countywide, he said. A survey undertaken in 2021 showed 92 per cent of respondents were favourable to the bringing back of an outdoor pool within the county. Last year Pembrokeshire Lido worked with Pembrokeshire Leisure Services to get the paddling pool back open.

Mike Allen outlined some key points about the proposal: he said that it would be a 50-metre cold water pool all year round of race standard. Traditionally, this would attract children and families, and the survey highlighted that 61 per cent of children want more swimming and fun in the water.

The survey has indicated that there are two completely new audiences: Cold water swimming has become very popular as there are huge benefits to wellbeing and mental health. Mr Allen said that the Blue Tit organisation has 8,000 members in Pembrokeshire. He added that with the offshore developments planned, the requirement for dive support and training are essential and would be another user of the 50-meter cold water pool. He said that they are looking at revenue streams to fund the pool and looking into setting up a Charitable Society with the guidance of PLANED and CWMPAS. The Charity Community benefits would offer a share offer and would be community owned. They have put an expression of interest to Pembrokeshire County Council for a Community Transfer of land.

Town councillors discussed that the pool would be beneficial to the County for locals and attracting tourism. It was suggested that it would be good to have an ambassador from Pembroke Dock to encourage something that would link the two towns, such as laying on transport from Pembroke Dock to Milford Haven.

Cllr O’Connor commented that if the pool is a Charitable Community asset, it may be an idea for Pembroke Dock Town Council to look at buying a share. All members agreed to send a letter of support to Pembrokeshire Lido. Cllr George thanked Mike Allen for attending the meeting and informing members about the lido plans; she asked if an update could be given as progress is made.

Responding on their Facebook page, Pembrokeshire Lido said: “We are delighted to announce that Pembroke Dock Town Council have offered the Pembrokeshire Lido Park their full support.

“At a meeting to Pembroke Dock Town Council, councillors made excellent suggestions on the ideas of making the future facility accessible to Pembroke Dock citizens with a transport plan.

“Also suggested was that the Park be extended to include facilities that could be delivered in Pembroke Dock itself.

“All in all a great result for all concerned.”