Imagine having to give up your home in search of food or water, or your home being damaged or destroyed by extreme weather or conflict. It’s the devastating reality for more than 100 million displaced people across the world every year who often have little choice but to leave behind their homes, livelihoods, and sometimes loved ones too.

At the disaster relief charity ShelterBox we know, from our work on the frontline in places like Pakistan, the Philippines, and East Africa, that climate change is making things worse. It’s why we stand ready to respond with emergency shelter and essential items like solar lights, water filters, and mosquito nets. 

 Our supporters make our responses possible, and this Lent some are giving up their own beds – and sleeping in a tent - in support of our Tent for Lent appeal. Others will be giving up their pay day take-away, morning take-out coffee, or taking on a sponsored challenge to raise money to help shelter people they will never meet.

No amount is too small and every post shared helps ShelterBox to be able to give people shelter, and with that comes a powerful sense of hope. To find out more about our Tent for Lent appeal and how to get involved, visit  

Lucy Holden, Community Fundraising Manager , ShelterBox