Recently a member of staff at Llys Y Frân Lake was able to help an animal in need.

Just before New Year, a member of the public called Llys Y Frân to report spotting an injured badger on the main path around the reservoir. Ranger Katie Sutton headed straight to the scene where she found the badger in a very bad way. Fearing the worst, Katie called the RSPCA, they arrived some time later and collected the badger (who had been lovingly named Brian) and took it to a rehab centre.

Fast forward to January 22 and Katie received a fantastic phone call, letting her know that Brian had pulled through the very ‘touch-and-go’ first 48 hours, and has now made a full recovery… and it turns out that Brian is a Bryony!

This week, Katie joined the RSPCA to release Bryony back into the wild, where she belongs. This wonderful moment was captured on camera; check out the footage below.

Katie said “To hear that Bryony is fully recovered, and then to join the RSPCA to release her, was a special moment. It was lovely to see Bryony walk off and live her best life at Llys Y Frân!”

Llys Y Frân staff would like to thank everyone who helped that day. Everyone had a big impact on a little badger’s life.

Along with badgers, Llys Y Frân is home to foxes, otters, polecats, stoats, squirrels and rabbits, and a wide variety of bats and smaller mammals. There are a huge variety of insects, from butterflies to beetles and many species of everyone’s favourite pollinator – the bee.

If you are visiting Llys Y Frân and have any concerns about wildlife, be it hazards or animals in distress please, feel free to let the ranger team know, no matter how minor. They’d also love to hear about any animal/plant/fungi species that are found at Llys Y Frân, so they can get a good idea of some of the amazing things that are living there. Email [email protected], or chat to a ranger if you see one out and about on site, they’ll be happy to speak to you.

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