Wales’ Library of Things network has created a new one stop shop for you all your borrowing needs.

Benthyg Cymru is a social enterprise which helps communities set up and run their own Library of Things. They have launched a new website which helps you to find your nearest Library of Things by searching your postcode. 

Pembrokeshire residents will be pleased to find that there is one up and running at Haverfordwest.

Each venue has its own online catalogue that you can use to browse and reserve items online. 

The repair and reuse movement is spreading fast across Wales, with people looking for ways to save money and live more sustainably by making the most of things they already have in their communities. The repair café at Pembroke on the third Friday morning of each month is just one example of this.

Libraries of Things are helping by providing places where people can borrow everyday items like tools, gardening equipment, camping gear and more for cheaper than you'd expect to pay second hand.

Since 2021, 15 Libraries of Things have opened across Wales with many more in the pipeline and have 100s of items available to borrow at low cost.  The two most popular items are pressure washers and carpet cleaners – just from borrowing these two things over a six-month period last year, Welsh borrowers saved whopping £60,000 and 9 tons of carbon.  

If there isn’t a Library of Things already near you, you can sign up to get news and find out as soon as one opens in your community … or contact the Benthyg Cymru team to find out how you can get the ball rolling yourself! 

What is Benthyg Cymru?  

Benthyg (pronounced ben-thig) is a Welsh word meaning borrow or lend. 

Benthyg Cymru is Wales’ Library of Things and has one simple goal; to make borrowing as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread. 

Why does Benthyg Cymru exist?  

Benthyg Cymru brings communities together to support each other by sharing everyday items and skills to lessen our impact on our planet and our pockets.  

Benthyg Cymru aims to:  

  • Encourage people to donate items they no longer need, providing a healthy supply of items in the community 
  • Help people get hold of what they need but don’t own by borrowing, not buying and reducing our impact on the planet  
  • Build strong communities based on sharing items, skills and neighbourly support 

Libraries of things and repair cafés were cited in the 2021 Welsh government ‘Beyond Recycling’ strategy as facilities that will help to grow the circular economy in Wales and achieve zero waste targets by 2050. Benthyg Cymru is a Community Interest Company.